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Where did your ancestors come from?

            The newly-formed Anthem Chapter will meet on Friday, January 22nd.  Please contact Joyce McCollum or Ora Fant for location and time.  

            The next meeting of the Phoenix Chapter will take place Saturday, February 13th, at 10 AM at Harmon Library, 1325 South 5th Avenue in Phoenix.  Members of the Anthem and Sun Lakes Chapters are also invited to attend.

            Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., is back with a new season of his popular show, "Finding Your Roots"!  Catch it at 7 PM Tuesdays on PBS.

            If you have not yet paid your 2016 membership dues, there's no time like the present.

            Check out the BFGHS Events page for upcoming meetings and conferences around the Valley!

            View genealogy webinars for free!  Legacy Family Tree's 2016 webinar schedule is available at  Remember, online access is free for 7 days following the webcast.  To view archived webinars from previous years, you can purchase a monthly or annual subscription.          

            The Maricopa County Public Library system has used proceeds from its dedicated county tax revenues to purchase a subscription to Ancestry Library Edition and HeritageQuest for local municipal library systems.  Although Ancestry is limited to in-library use only, HeritageQuest is accessible remotely via the Phoenix Public Library website.  Look for it under the 'Learning and Research' tab.

           Membership in the Black Family Genealogy & History Society is NOT limited to African-American research. Its members have ancestors from a wide range of states and countries.

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